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 D I G B Y  B U I L T 

Connect with a nearby garage door installation company through us.

1236 Reno Ave Unit B Modesto CA, 95351

(209) 602-9898

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What sizes are available?


Widths available within 1" increments up to 18'2". Heights available up to 14'

How thick are the frames?


The frames are 2" thick aluminum

For Dealers:

Do you offer to ship?

8/22/2022 We currently are offering pick-up only. Things may change in the near future.

What section heights are offered?


Section heights are offered in 18", 21", and 24"

Do you offer powder coating?


Custom powder coating colors are available at a surcharge.

Can I buy directly from DIGBY BUILT?


DIGBY BUILT is only a manufacturer and sells only to contracted wholesalers. A business owner or homeowner may purchase through a contracted wholesaler.

What is the minimum headroom that is required to have a sectional door operate?


Standard 12"
Low headroom 7"

What exactly is the anodized finish on aluminum doors?


Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process. It helps create an extremely hard and durable coating while keeping its aesthetically pleasing look.

What is the benefit of powder coating and anodized finish options?


Anodize is visually more appealing and matches the window frame finish a lot better. A powder coat is more durable. It also gives you the options of a variety of colors at a higher cost.

Are DIGBY BUILT doors able to be installed inside of a business?


Yes, they are very commonly used to divide a large interior space if needed.

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